Android Apps development is based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and is one of the fastest growing mobile apps development platforms available today for both smart phones and tablets. It’s user interface is mainly based on direct manipulation that uses touch gestures to manipulate on-screen objects.

Android Apps development has revolutionized the smart phone industry and now it is being developed by all the major corporations around the world. It is an open source, intuitive and feature-rich platform. It has easy-to-use application development tools. It is a rapidly growing platform with fast, reliable and cost-efficient android application service. It is beneficial to clients as it has low investment & high ROI and can be marketed on multiple sales channels.

The number of Android mobile phone users is increasing rapidly every day. Addicor realizes the power of Android and is in Android Apps Development for businesses that are looking to implement Android Application Development and take advantage of its applications. Addicor offers personalized Android Apps Development Services that caters to the client’s diverse needs and business objectives. Through the use of latest tools and frameworks, our developers create distinguishable functionality within your app. Tailored to meet the client’s requirements; we design, develop, test, upgrade and implement the customized Android Apps with outstanding functionality and superior performance.