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Graphics Design

We do a lot more than just web design! Graphic Design is more than just being “attractive”, it should be able to communicate its intended message to the target audience. Design that is meant to be experienced in an instant is the easiest to relate to and has been around the longest. You can build long lasting relationships with your clients by utilizing graphic design.

Our design process is guided by reason, expertise and technique enabling the ideal experience and driving growth.

Addicor graphic designing capabilities include:

  •             We develop customized images and graphics
  •             Designs that convey your intended message and philosophy
  •             Logo Designing
  •             3D Logo Designing
  •             Identity Designing
  •             Brochure Catalogue Designing
  •             Print designing
  •             Infographics
  •             Motion graphics
  •             Corporate Promotional Videos (AfterEffect videos)

        Advantages of working with Addicor:

Hiring options are flexible.

High confidentiality shall

be maintained.

Full transparency all

throughout the project.

We cater to all – from small

businesses to corporate entities as well.

Industry professional team

will work dedicatedly for you.

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