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Software Development

Do you have a new software product in mind? Do you want to alter an existing software to suit your needs? Are you looking for expert assistance?

Software development was once considered only for the humungous business. However, with the participation of high-tech companies and the onslaught of competition and penetration of internet, small businesses can now afford software development. While this process will not be as cheap as buying a software developed earlier, this is a much more affordable option than you might imagine for your business, and you will have something great for your business as well. For your unique ideas and diverse business needs which could not be fulfilled by the softwares available in the market, the technical experts of Addicor Technologies develop tailor-made, reliable and affordable softwares as per your specifications.

We have the experience and expertise to take your product from mere idea to reality. Our team at Addicor, has proven this, time and again to many organizations, by providing them with new software products on time and within budget. New and ever changing technologies create endless opportunities for new softwares. Let us be your partner; whether the platform is desktop, web or mobile. Our philosophy is very simple: Excellence through Participation. We take care of the full design and delivery of the programme, managing the whole process on your behalf. This can be summed up into precisely identifying your needs, designing the software for changes during the life cycle and making a user-friendly product which exceeds your expectations.

We can assist you with your Software Product Development needs with the following services:

·       Concept Design

·       Requirements

·       Prototyping

·       UserExperience Design

·       Architecture

·       Software Development

·       Testing

You should simply get in touch with our business development team and we can discuss a solution which will be both "best fit" for your present needs as well as the future requirements of your business. Being a business IT solutions organization, we ensure that we give you end to end arrangements. Our devoted team will work with you to comprehend your requirements and after that draw up a successful plan to work with you to accomplish your business goals.

Tools andTechnologies: ASP.NET, C Sharp, C, C++, WinSock and Win Inet., PHP, Perl, WinCE 5.0, Symbian Series, Palm SDK, iPhone SDK, J2EE, J2ME.

Development Environment: LAMP Framework, Microsoft .NET Frameworks, Microsoft Visual Studio, Android Studio, Win CE MS.Net Platform, Mac OS for all version of iPhone, Code-Warrior, Java and more

Databases: MS SQLServer 2005, MySQL 5.0, PostGre SQL, Oracle 9i.

Advantages of working with Addicor:

Hiring options are flexible.

High confidentiality shall

be maintained.

Full transparency all

throughout the project.

We cater to all – from small

businesses to corporate entities as well.

Industry professional team

will work dedicatedly for you.

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